Engineered, Not Designed!

We invested years developing a consistently highly rated frame. The results confirmed, we engineer all our frames to uniform specifications, something simply unique to us. Our Door Lite Frames are industry standard sizes and thickness that will fit almost any door on the market. Our frames profile is the same for every frame matching doors to sidelights. Consistent placement of screw holes on every frame for the most secure fit. Screw boss ribs adds strength eliminating frame breakage. One screw type securely fastens the frames together. Screw hole plugs are self aligning and match door lite frames perfectly. Caulking grooves are engineered for maximum weatherproofing and cleanliness. Door lite frames will not break or crack when subjected to harsh weather. All door lite frames are uniformly textured just like fine hardwood.

Frame Features

Frame Sizes

Our Door Lite Frames are industry standard sizes

Glass Thickness

Frames are available in 1", 1/2", 1/8" glass thickness


Engineered for maximum weatherproofing


Made from Polypro and PC/ABS or engineered resins to meet industry or customer demands


Colors available in white and tan. We can also color match to any customer's needs


Frames are uniformly textured just like fine hardwood
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